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Student, Family, and Community Involvement
Involvement of students, parents, community representatives, health specialists, and volunteers in schools provides an integrated approach for enhancing the health and well being of students both at school and in the community. School health advisory councils, coalitions, and broadly-based constituencies for school health can build support for school health programs. School administrators, teachers, and school health staff in all components actively solicit family involvement and engage community resources, expertise, and services to respond effectively to the health-related needs of students and families. Qualified professionals such as principals, teachers, and school health staff, along with students, parents and volunteers, provide leadership in this area.

UNITY Learning Center - After School Program
Unity Learning Center offers supervised homework assistance, academic enrichment, nutritional snacks, and fun activities after school for K-12 students in Sumner County.

"Our mission is to improve youth attitudes, grades, and behavior through after school enrichment activities. Our goal is to increase students' ability to achieve at national and state academic standards, increase students' resiliency to make healthy life choices, and increase family involvement in schools and community."

Kohl's Healthy at Home resource

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