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Nutrition services assure access to a variety of nutritious, affordable and appealing meals in school that accommodate the health and nutrition needs of all students. School nutrition programs reflect the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other criteria to meet the complete nutrition needs of students. 

Each school's nutrition program also offers a learning laboratory for classroom nutrition and health education that helps students develop skills and habits in selecting nutritionally appropriate foods, and serves as a resource and link with nutrition-related community services and educational programs. Qualified professionals such as experienced, knowledgeable school food supervisors and registered dietitians provide these services.

For more information about the Sumner County nutrition program, visit School Nutrition.


All foods and beverages sold at school during the school day must meet nutrition standards established from the Smart Snacks law. The Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to foods sold (a la carte, in the school store, and vending machines) on campus during the school day. The school day refers to the period from the midnight before to thirty minutes after the end of the official school day.

Is this Food Product Smart Snacks Compliant? 
Try this SMART Snacks Product Calculator to find out: 

Healthy Ideas for School Fundraisers and Celebrations Involving Food
Healthy Celebration ideas.pdf
Healthy Options and Birthday Celebration Ideas from Rosa Parks Edison Kindergarten
Healthy Snack and Beverage Ideas.pdf

Importance of School Breakfast/ School Breakfast Ideas 


Fighting Obesity

The last few years, schools have focused on implementing the Rethink Your Drink (RTYD) campaign in order to educate Sumner County students, staff, and parents of the harmful effects of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages and to encourage healthier beverage options.

Rethink Your Drink coincides with a Tennessee Department of Health - Project Diabetes grant that provided refillable water bottle stations for every school in Sumner County. Every student and staff member in the county also received a free water bottle through a partnership with the Sumner County Highway Department and a grant from TDOT’s Litter Prevention campaign.

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ReThink Your Drink Resources:
ReThink Your Drink Toolkit
ReThink Your Drink Staff Presentation PowerPoint
ReThink Your Drink Posters

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How Much Sugar Is In Soda?

 sugar is killing us.PNG
Sugar Is Killing Us

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How Sugar Affects the Brain

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 The Sugary Truth

The OrganWise Guys brings the body to life via lovable organ characters, kids of all ages learn what it really means to be smart from the inside out. They have a digital subscription that includes many resources like digital books (with audio), lesson plans, educational videos, activity sheets and more! Check out The OrganWise Guys free digital books on healthy bodies and germs:

CSH has many OrganWise materials available to check out in our Lending Library!

Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! 
(LGEG) is the new research-based, evidence-based curriculum project of the International Junior Master Gardener® Program. LGEG grows good kids through an interdisciplinary program combining academic achievement, gardening, nutrient-dense food experiences, physical activity, and school & family engagement. 
- LGEG in Sumner County: 
- Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program (TNCEP)

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Family and Consumer Sciences 

-UT Healthy Families

Eat This, Not That!
In March of 2018, students at Merrol Hyde Magnet School participated in a nutrition awareness program called Eat This, Not That! Students learned to replace unhealthy foods with healthy foods. The program was intrduced by PE teacher, Terri Curcio, in support of the ReThink Your Drink campaign in Sumner County Schools. Students learned the importance of eating healthy and the connection between nutrition and lifetime wellness. 

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Community or School Garden 


Wellness Policy
Sumner County Schools recently adopted a revised Wellness Policy which covers: health education, health services, nutrition, physical education and physical activity, healthy school environment, and staff wellness. 

Sumner County Schools Wellness Assessment 2017


The Sumner Connect site is the technology information and training hub to support Sumner County educators, students, and parents.