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Physical education is a planned, sequential pre-k -12 curriculum program that follows national standards in providing developmentally appropriate, cognitive content and learning experiences in a variety of physical activity areas such as basic movement skills; physical fitness; rhythm and dance; cooperative games; team, dual, and individual sports; tumbling and gymnastics; and aquatics. Quality physical education promotes, through a variety of planned individual and cooperative physical activities and fitness assessments, each student's optimum physical, mental, emotional and social development; and provides fitness activities and sports that all students, including students with special needs, can enjoy and pursue throughout their lives. Qualified professionals such as physical education teachers and physical activity specialists provide physical education and related fitness activities.

Brain.jpgSubstantial evidence shows physical activity can help improve academic achievement (including grades and standardized test scores) as well as have an impact on cognitive skills and attitudes, including enhanced concentration and attention and improved classroom behavior.

Physical Activity

Strategies for Classroom Physical Activity

Integrating Classroom Physical Activity in Schools


School Walking Tracks
Sumner County Coordinated School Health installed walking tracks in elementary schools with funding from the Tennessee Department of Health's Project Diabetes grant! 



PE Teacher Resources

Active Students, Active Learners

Plyoga Full Workout Videos

Plyoga 1 minute Exercise Videos

The P.E. Geek


SPARK Ecademy

Rainy Day PE Resources

Sumner County SPARK Stars

We had a great SPARK training on 7/31/19,  7/30/20, 11/1/2021 and we have some PE teachers from across the county who are serving as SPARK stars. They are someone to reach out to for questions and suggestions about SPARK and PE in general. Here is the list:

Elementary School

Molly Bargery – H. B. Williams Elementary

Lynsey Evans – George Whitten Elementary

Bobby Moore – Gene Brown Elementary

Angela White – Dr.  William Burrus Elementary

Kelsey Plummer/Shannon Brown- Vena Stuart Elementary

Darrick York- Clyde Riggs Elementary

Jackie Campbell- Benny Bills Elementary

Shawn Kring- Lakeside Park Elementary

James Monday - Portland Gateview Elementary

Alison Harris - Walton Ferry Elementary

Jamie Baker - Westmoreland Elementary


Middle School

Lynn Heath- Ellis Middle

Elyse Webb – V. G. Hawkins Middle

Matt Overton- Shafer Middle

Alexa Russell/Daniel Carter - White House Middle

Rachel James/Bill Runyon - Portland West Middle


High School

Greta Parker – Gallatin High

Cindy Towers – White House High

 Mark Curry- Beech High


Alternative School

Ashley Maynard - R. T. Fisher Alternative (Elementary, Middle, & High School)


Sumner County Press Release - May 1, 2021

“SPARKing” Up Physical Education in Sumner County Schools

Sumner County Schools is implementing SPARK - The World’s Most Researched Physical Education and Physical Activity Programs Across their district!

Currently, this school year, twenty-six physical education teachers have received certification as a SPARK Certified Instructor for completion of the online course work, as well as with the in-person training in 2019.  Educators completed rigorous online courses, which covered evidence-based physical education best practices, and strategies to increase moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA), fitness skills, sport skills, and enjoyment of physical activity.

What is SPARK?  “Well, we don’t have enough space here to even begin,” says Sumner County Schools, Coordinated School Health, (CSH) Coordinator, Janel Garrett.  “Anyone who has ever experienced a SPARK training knows how life-changing it is.  We have set a goal to become a SPARK District and are proud of the consistency in learning content and skills”.  A brief summary is that SPARK is dedicated to creating, implementing, and evaluating research-based programs that promote lifelong wellness.  SPARK provides curricula that aligns with SPAPE America’s National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes for PreK-12 Physical Education, staff development training, equipment, and lifetime support.  It is specifically dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of physical education.  

"Research states that it is essential for students to develop the foundations for healthy lifestyles at an early age. By doing so, they have a better chance of maintaining those habits into adulthood. With the SPARK PE program, schools can begin building those foundations and impacting student lives,” said Julie Frank, SPARK's Executive Director.

What does this mean for our school district? Sumner County Schools recognizes the link between student wellness and academic achievement. Healthy students are better learners! Our SPARK PE program produces positive results that impact students for a lifetime.  Supervisor of Professional Growth, Dr.  Jeff Yawn, supports this work wholeheartedly.  He adds, “What a great opportunity to provide quality, evidence-based professional learning.  “This showcases the drive the teachers of Sumner County Schools have toward growing professionally.”

Special recognition goes out to the following Physical Educators: 

Beech Elementary, Kellie Merritt

Benny Bills Elementary, Jackie Campbell

Clyde Riggs Elementary, Darrick York

Gene Brown Elementary, Bobby Moore

Guild Elementary, Lee Smith

George Whitten Elementary, Lynsey Evans

H. B. Williams Elementary, Molly Bargery

Howard Elementary – Jeff Wynn

Nannie Berry Elementary, Ellie Campbell

Vena Stuart Elementary, Kelsey Plummer and Shannon Brown

Walton Ferry Elementary, Alison Harris

Watt Hardison Elementary, Marty Kirkham

Westmoreland Elementary, Jamie Baker

Ellis Middle School, Lynn Heath

Merrol Hyde Magnet School, Will Duke

Portland West Middle, Bill Runyon, and Rachel James

V. G. Hawkins Middle, Elyse Leach, and Edward Newton

Beech High School, Seth McFerrin

Hendersonville High School, Jeffery Stone

Portland High School, April Lane, Justin Martin, Mark Nelson, and Scott Steinbrecker

2021-2022 School Year Certifications

Molly Bargery, HB Williams Elementary - has not yet been processed, but she has completed the reflection

Fred Combs, JW Wiseman Elementary - reflection not yet submitted (I emailed 1.13.21 to update Fred)

Brandon Averite, Hendersonville High School - has not yet been processed, but he has completed the reflection

Kelly Reed, Hendersonville High School - has not yet been processed, but she has completed the reflection

Tanisha Tucker – Portland High School - completed and processed


Doug Guelde, Portland High School - reflection not yet submitted

PACER Resources
The Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER) is a state-mandated aerobic capacity test for grades 4, 6, 8, and high school Wellness. It replaced the mile run in the 2013-14 school year. 

-New PACER Remixes- Fun Music with Encouraging MCs!
- PACER 15M Music
- PACER 20M Music
- PACER Lesson Example  
- PACER Cheat Sheet
- PACER Training Video from California Department of Education

Professional Development
-We provide professional development opportunities for PE teachers district wide throughout the school year.

Walk Across Sumner
Walk Across Sumner is a 4-week physical fitness campaign that encourages Sumner County students to get up and get moving for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Any type of physical activity is encouraged! 

The goal of Walk Across Sumner is to create and encourage healthy lifestyles. The CDC recommends that children get 60 minutes a day of physical activity, 6 days a week. Walk Across Sumner encourages students to get an extra 30 minutes a day beyond what is now required by the new PA law (130 minutes for elementary and 90 minutes for middle and high per full school week).

The first annual Walk Across Sumner Superhero 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run was on April 6, 2019. 

WAS 2019.jpg

Our next annual Walk Across Sumner Superhero 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run will be on Saturday, September 17, 2022.  This event will coincide with the annual Sumner County Sheriff's Child Health & Safety Day in Gallatin.  Stay tuned for updates.

Physical Activity Law, TN - HB2148 
a. Each Local Education Agency (LEA) shall integrate the following periods of physical activity into the instructional day for all students:
     i. For elementary school students, a minimum of one hundred thirty (130) minutes of physical activity per full school week; and
     ii. For middle school students, a minimum of ninety (90) minutes of physical activity per full school week.
b. To satisfy the requirements of section (a), an LEA shall offer elementary students at least one (1) fifteen (15) minute period of physical activity per day.

Go here for full details of the Physical Activity Law.

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