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         Opening / Results
07/01/15 Annual Audit - ReBID      Bid Minutes 
07/22/15 EMS Class A Uniforms      
07/27/15 Bus Tires and Batteries      Bid Minutes
08/04/15 ASBESTOS ABATEMENT      Bid Minutes
08/04/15 EMS Class A Uniforms RE-BID      Bid Minutes
08/07/15 WALKING TRACK      Bid Minutes
08/14/15 Sumner County Sheriff's Office Vehicles      Bid Minutes
08/21/15 Athletic Trainer Equipment      Bid Minutes
09/01/15 Sheriff Office Tire Service      Bid Minutes
09/14/15 EMS Ambulance      Bid Minutes
09/16/15 Sheriff's Department Vehicle Equipment      Bid Minutes
10/07/15 Bulk Motor Oil      Bid Minutes
10/07/15 Vehicle Jack      Bid Minutes
10/19/15 Pavement Rehabilitation Projects      Bid Minutes
10/21/15 Robotic Camera System      Bid Minutes
10/28/15 Copy Paper      Bid Minutes
11/03/15 Annual Cleaning Contract-Gallatin Public Library      Bid Minutes
11/03/15 Annual Cleaning Contract-Hendersonville Public Library      Bid Minutes
11/12/15 Dust Mops      Bid Minutes
11/12/15 Cleaning Chemicals      Bid Minutes
11/17/15 Toolroom Equipment      
11/17/15 Fire Extinguisher Service      
11/17/15 Sumner County Infrastructure Upgrade      Bid Minutes
11/30/15 In car cameras      Bid Minutes
11/30/15 EMS Ambulance re-bid      Bid Minutes
12/15/15 TOOLROOM EQUIPMENT RE-BID      Bid Minutes
12/28/15 ADDENDUM - Toolroom Equipment re-bid      Bid Minutes
01/11/16 Emergency Notification System      Bid Minutes
01/11/16 Robotic Camera System      Bid Minutes
01/11/16 Gas Monitor & Calibration Unit      Bid Minutes
01/12/16 Network Firewall      
01/14/16 Contract Mowing      Bid Tabulation
02/09/16 Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet - Contract Mowing      
01/25/16 Interactive Technology      Bid Minutes
01/26/16 RE-BID Sumner Co Infrastructure Upgrade RE-BID      
01/28/16 Physical Security Intregration Management System      
02/23/16 Q & A Physical Security Intregration Mgmt System      
02/09/16 Canopy      
02/11/16 ADDENDUM - Canopy      
02/16/16 Millersville Public Library Cleaning      
02/17/16 Furniture      
02/17/16 Brake Drums      Bid Minutes
02/19/16 On Site Medical & Health Care Management Services      
03/07/16 Q & A - On-Site Medical RFP      
03/15/16 CareHere Clinic Schematics      
03/24/16 On-Site Medical Timeline      
02/19/16 Property & Casualty Insurance Bid Advertisement      
02/26/15 RE-BID Canopy      
03/07/16 Portable Relocation      
03/07/16 Custodial Equipment      
03/08/16 Night Vision Equipment      
03/15/16 ADDENDUM - Night Vision Equipment      
03/24/16 Convection Steamer      
03/24/16 Oxygen & Acetylene Lease Agreement      Bid Minutes
03/29/16 Tractor      Bid Minutes
03/29/16 Transport Ventilator      Bid Minutes
04/14/16 RE-BID Convection Steamer      Bid Minutes
04/14/16 Custodial Supplies      Bid Minutes
04/25/16 Material / Parts     Bid Minutes
04/25/16 Picnic Tables     Bid Minutes
05/01/16 ADDENDUM - Picnic Tables     Bid Minutes
04/25/16 Yearbook White House High School     Bid Minutes
04/25/16 RE-BID Transport Ventilators     Bid Minutes
04/28/16 Greenhouse      Bid Minutes
04/28/16 Station Camp High Field House Build Out      
05/05/16 Re-Roof Elementary School      
05/05/16 School Buses Type C     Bid Minutes
05/05/16 LED Video Marquee     Bid Minutes
05/10/16 ADDENDUM - Contractor Obligation - Video Marquee      
05/05/16 Walking Track     Bid Minutes
05/05/16 Re-Roof Elementary School     Bid Minutes
05/16/16 RE-BID Convection Steamer      
05/16/16 Additions and Renovations Hawkins Middle School      
05/19/16 Tires for Sumner County Sheriff’s Office      
05/19/16 Fuel for Sumner County Sheriff’s Office      
05/19/16 Vehicle Maintenance Supplies for Sumner County Sheriff’s Office      
05/19/16 Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection      
06/16/16 ADDENDUM – Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection      
05/19/16 Grease Trap Service      Bid Minutes
05/16/16 Paint      Bid Minutes/Award
05/26/16 ADDENDUM - Paint      
05/30/16 Furniture - Revised 06-6-2016      
05/31/16 Re-Roof Shingle to Metal Conversion      
05/31/16 Safety Tile, Playfill Mulch      
05/31/16 Ceiling Tile and Grid     Bid Minutes
05/31/16 Refrigerant      Bid Minutes
06/02/16 Police Interceptor Utility AWD vehicle      Bid Minutes
06/02/16 Running Track      
06/09/16 Janitorial Supplies      
06/09/16 Ambulances      
06/09/16 Uniforms      
06/09/16 Pole Vault Pit Eqipment And Accessories      
06/15/2016 Clarification Pole Vault Equipment and Accessories      
06/13/16 Fire Inspection Maintenance -Monitoring      
06/09/2016 Electronic Timer,Lane Gates and Hurdles      
06/16/2016 Maintenance for Server hardware and software      
06/23/2016 Ballistic Vest with Outer Carrier      
06/23/2016 Re-Bid Ceiling Tile & Grid      
06/23/2016  Re-bid Reroof Shingle to Metal Conversion     Bid Minutes
06/23/2016 Addendum Pre-bid Shingle to Metal Conversion      
06/23/2016  Pest Control     Bid Minutes
06/23/2016 Re-Bid Grease Trap Services     Bid Minutes
06/23/2016 Computer Tables      

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