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General Notes:

·         Do not use the back button on your browser!

·         Do not “x” out of pages.  It will close the program.

·         For each step, complete the required information and select complete step

·         To easily view forms without scrolling from side to side, use the View Full Screen button.  To return, use the Exit Full Screen button.

·         Complete each step in the registration process.  Verify there is a green check mark beside each step.  Be sure to scroll down to ensure all steps are completed.

·         Make sure your pop-up blocker is set to allow pop-ups from Skyward Family Access.

·         If you use an iPad, Safari is the recommended browser.

1.      Click the attached link to receive a login and password.

You can also access the link from the Sumner County Schools website.

2.      Clicking on the link will bring up the screen below.  Please fill out all information and follow the directions on each screen. 

 skyward reg

3.      After completing the form, your login and password will be emailed to you.  If you do not have an email, you will be able to create your login and password.  Once completed, please login to Skyward.

Please complete all steps and remember to hit “Submit Application to District.”

The Sumner Connect site is the technology information and training hub to support Sumner County educators, students, and parents.