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The Material Center is a division of the Support Services Department located at the Larry Riggsbee Support Services Facility. The purpose of the Material Center is to provide services and materials to both the Instructional and Support Staff at all Sumner County School's locations.

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The Material Center responsibilities include:

  • Support Services
    • Courier Services
    • Custodial Services
    • Asset Inventory
    • Furniture Acquisition and Distribution
    • Surplus Removal and Disposition
  • Instructional Services
    • Student Records Storage and Requests
    • Textbook Adoption, Purchase and Distribution

Inventory Technicians

  • Jeff Donnell – Sr. Inventory Technician, Equipment Maintenance
  • Clint Cothron – Sr. Inventory Technician, Warehousing and Inventory
  • Eric Lay – Sr. Inventory Technician, Lead Route Driver
  • Jason Coots - Sr. Inventory Technician, Lead Route Driver
  • Penny Slayton - Inventory Technician, Courier/Asset Inv.
  • Diane Harrison - Inventory Technician, Courier/Asset Inv.
  • Coy Dickey - Inventory Technician, Part-time Warehouse Assistant

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