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School Support Organizations (SSO) are a valued resource and are much appreciated supporters of our schools. Volunteers with our School Support Organizations work hand in hand with our schools and are required to follow certain guidelines and policies defined in the Tennessee Code Annotated 49-2-603 and the Sumner County Board of Education Board Policy JHB, titled: School Support Organizations.
Organizations that support Tennessee schools, School Support Organizations (SSO), are required to register as nonprofits with the State of Tennessee and are subject to audits by the Sumner County Board of Education and the State Comptroller. School Support Organizations  may not operate as a SSO if they have not completed the proper paperwork to become an official SSO or if they do not remain in good standing or complete the required annual reports.
School Support Organizations must be approved to operate by the Principal of the school they are affiliated with and the Sumner County Board of Education.  Under the law, The School Support Organization Financial Accountability Act of 2007 (SSOFAA), each school year, each SSO must provide documentation to the SCBE that they are a registered nonprofit in good standing (they are not required to become federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization); must document their goals and objectives; and must provide the names and contact information of their officers.  School representatives cannot act as a treasurer or bookkeeper for a school support organization, or be a signatory on the checks.  A majority of the voting members or the board should not be composed of school representatives. At the end of the school year, groups must provide a statement of all income and expenses.
School support organizations must abide by the guidelines and policies from the SCBE  to be able to use the school name, logo, or facilities to raise money. In addition, before scheduling a fundraiser, groups must get approval from the school principal and the Sumner County Board of Education.  The SCBE may suspend or revoke the authorization of any school support organization for a failure to abide by the policies and procedures regarding school support organizations.

Available on this page are some materials and  information for the School Support Organizations to review, and use to meet the requirements and comply with the policies that apply to all SSO in the state of Tennessee.
In addition,  on this page are the reports that are required to be submitted to the SCBE annually by every SSO and the form that each SSO is required to use when requesting permission to host a fundraiser.

Please contact the Internal Audit Department if you or representatives from your SSO have any questions.

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